Facades look best when they are free from dust,grime or other types of stains.Clients and the public will always first see your porch when entering your business premises for the first time

If you want to make a good first impression, then you need to hire professionals to provide with excellent cleaning services. Facade largely depends on the type of material your facade is made of, reason you need to deal with recognised professional cleaners. AIQ will do your best job to the required standards.

We use the right cleaning detergents and state of the art equipment. With us your building is safe from unnecessary damages.

At AIQ we value each and every client regardless of status – whether its an individual or an organisation. Our professional team will ensure that the job is done well in a timely manner. Our wide range of services include;

  • Professional cleaning of both office and domestic carpet
    using advanced quick dry machine.
  • Professional cleaning of tiles, granite, marble and all related surfaces.
  • We also do fine cleaning of office and domestic furniture.